The school app

Our school app is our main source of communication between parents/carers.

By downloading the app, you can expect to receive:

  • School Newsletters
  • Trip letters
  • Messages about your child and the school
  • Updates on the attendance history for you child/children
  • Term and other school useful school calendar dates 
  • Information on Clubs and Extended Services  

In addition to the school’s communications, parents/carers can use the app to inform the school of various personal data such as:

  • Medical details
  • Parental consent 
  • Changes in contact details /your home details
  • Dietary requirements 

The app is free to download and can be accessed* via:

*A validation email from the school is required to authorise access

We will be setting you up into individual year groups, sets and/oe clubs etc so that only information pertinent to your child is sent to you. You will also receive whole school communications. The app will work like a normal application with notifications but it will also have useful information such as dates, contacts and general school information. If you don't register and download the free app, you will miss out on receiving key information.

The app is also a way of helping us reduce paper copies as part of our work towards the Green Flag Award